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Delysis Riders

Just like them, the comfort of the horses is our priority. We support riders on a daily basis by providing a dedicated service using Delysis technology. We move forward together in a constant logic of evolution and improvement of our products.


Coming from different disciplines, we provide a different follow-up to each rider according to their needs and those of their horses. In collaboration with the rider, his farrier and sometimes his veterinarian,  we determine the choice of the most suitable materials and fittings based on our technology. 

"I think today having horseshoes under the feet of a horse seems a bit outdated to me, we should restore function to the foot. It's good to have a team like Delysis behind, to get things done."



Chose to shoe his mare Tinka's Hero Z in Delysis with his model Flexinyl-Rubber, option centralcross bar.

Thanks to this combination, he obtains the 1st place of the CSI5* Grand Prix of the Brussels Stephex Masters.

"I put on Baccarat inDelysis because we are getting closerbarefootand at the same time we bring a protectionat the foot. From a point of view comfort and performanceone is better than with irons."

Robin MUHR


"I felt a lot of results on my horses, particularly with the Flexinyl-Rubber. We discuss with my farrier and my veterinarian to choose the most suitable fittings."

"Since the start of the season, Fairplay has gone under Delysis and I immediately saw the difference : A horse much more soft and more efficient."



"Ti'Punch needed a very specific fitting, Delysis allows him to have a fitting perfectly adapted. The service is very reagent in the commands, they do their best for the rider and the horse."

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